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Mike's Tips

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Tips and Tricks

Available in the following formats:

.docx (newest file type (xml-based) Office 2007+)

.doc (legacy Word 97-2004)

.pdf (Adobe Reader)

.rtf (Rich Text File is all else fails)


Users accept all responsibility for the results of any do-it-yourself downloading procedures.  If you do not feel comfortable using computers, USB memory sticks and other devices used for file transfers, please contact a professional that has experience in such matters and can guarantee their work. Manhattan-Digital warranties will be voided through the use of unauthorized third party files. Know what you are doing and only use files authorized or otherwise released by Manhattan-Digital. Any problem caused by attempted loading of other files creates a situation outside of warranty coverage. Repairs for out-of-warranty situations will involve a service fee and shipping charges to remedy.  Any questions? Direct E-Mail can be sent to JEFF SCHUMANN or MIKE KOHL.   

Jeff Schumann Jeff.Schumann@manhattan-digital.net
Mike Kohl globalcm@mhtc.net            

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