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DJ-1997 Update Procedure

1. Before loading firmware update, go to “Factory Setting” and reset the unit.

2. Then insert USB stick with new firmware update into front of DJ-1997.

3. Go to “Software Tools” on menu. Update by USB and toggle over to start downloading.

4. When removing USB stick, make sure you go to menu and “Disconnect USB” stick and hit “Yes” to remove.


Latest Manhattan DJ-1997 Update:

download icon
DJ1997_071116NRT ( 8.00 MB )

*** If you are having a problem downloading the update,
mouse right-click on link and select the option that says "download file as"


Manhattan DJ-1997 Update:

download icon
DJ1997051016.ssu ( 8.00 MB )

*Includes 380 English Radio Stations


DJ-1997 User Manual:
(Updated: 4/23/15)
(click icon or link to download)

download icon
DJ-1997 User Manual.pdf
*Adobe Reader or PDF Viewer required


download icon
DJ-1997 User Manual.doc

*Microsoft Word or Word Processor with .doc support required




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