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RS-1933 Support


Manhattan RS-1933 Software Update :
Version 4.4 (2/12/13)

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RS-1933 Update 4.4.zip ( 1.3 MB )
* WARNING: All Programming Data will be lost when loading new firmware *

Note: What's New in Version 4.4

- Fixed issue with the correct LNB type not being automatically selected with systems that are configured with different types of LNBs in a motorized configuration. The correct LNB type is now selected, allowing a combination of motorized and fixed dishes on the different bands.

- When manually adding a transponder, you can now use symbol rates from 500 to 45000 (was previously 1000 to 45000) to allow manual entry of extremely low symbol rates. Important Note! In order to lock on to those extremely low rates may require high quality PLL LNB. Those low symbol rate transponders can then be edited using the channel editor on a PC and loaded back into the receiver. The receiver itself cannot scan signals with symbol rates this narrow, but works fine in playing things back if it is part of a preloaded file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Loading version 4.4 on to your Manhattan RS-1933 WILL overwrite your stored channels. Be sure to make a backup copy of your current channel lists using the USB dump menu to dump the UserDB to your USB device before upgrading to version 4.4.


(Experimental) Software 4.4
Satellite and Transponder (139.0°W - 40.5°W)
C-Band & Ku-Band Mix

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sat13940CKtp44.abs.zip ( 1.3 MB )
* WARNING: For advanced users only *

Notes: All active transponders listed.
A few strategic, or hard-to-manually scan channels.



RS-1933 User Manual:
(click icon or link to download)

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RS-1933 User Manual ver 1.2.pdf



USB Upgrade Video:

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