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We have been working hard on moving the business forward with additional products.

Mike Kohl and I went to Arkansas after the NRB show in Nashville to secure the mesh tooling and production equipment from SAMI/Superior Antenna.  It has since been delivered to our partners in Michigan, and once installed we will soon begin production of mesh antennas as well as the Paraclipse line of hydro-formed solid antennas.

We will be starting with the 2.4m Hydro prime focus, along with the 90cm offset antennas.  The Paraclipse 90 cm offset antenna is the best performing antenna in that diameter that we have ever tested, and even after several years of use, a sample unit still outperforms anything of its size on the market.  Another consideration to remember is that all of these antennas were designed and will be manufactured in the USA.

The Paraclipse sizes include;
90cm offset, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m prime focus antennas.

Mesh Antennas include;
10ft. and 12ft. models. An 8.5ft and 6ft. will follow.

Offset antennas will be of commercial grade;
1.2m – 6.0m antennas.

Also undergoing testing is a heavy duty polar mount for our 90 cm offset antenna, which will use a DiSEqC type actuator motor.  We see a need to improve the reliability and capacity offered by present mini DiSEqC devices.

Manhattan-Digital is still seeking better LNBFs to market with our antennas and receivers.  Several units recently tested are still not “making the cut”, and we will continue our vigilant quest to find a device worthy of your consideration.

The Manhattan RS-1933 satellite receiver has been performing and selling well.  We will continue to have more upgrades in the near future, adding a few features that people wanted.  Manhattan-Digital will be offering a buy-back program for people who want to trade their working MPEG-2 satellite receiver towards the purchase of a new Manhattan RS-1933.  This will available through participating Manhattan-Digital satellite dealers.

Later this year we will be releasing a new hybrid receiver that will allow you to receive the triple combination of Satellite, Off-the-air digital and IP/Web, all in one box.  Needless to say, it will also feature HD capability plus an internal DVR function with USB connection.  We welcome your input in creating these and other new products to take full advantage of the growing number of multimedia choices now available.

Again, we thank you for your support.

Jeff Schumann





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